Saturday, March 3, 2012


it has been almost 3 weeks dia tak contact aku.. hmm.. so far my internal feelings and thoughts are not very good.. im living over his shadow.. susah gila nak hidup macam ni.. almost every single thing i do will reminds me of him..but i’m trying my best to keep on moving with my life..
so, in the mean time..what can really makes me smile is my friends.. they are so cute bile kene usik dengan saya..aww~ haha.. and they are really the best fren eva!
luckily i have friends like munirah emir.. somehow she’s very helpful.. in terms of being a good listener for my problems and thoughts.. thanx weyh.. tak lupa gak kat manusia bernama nadiyya.. somehow u resemble someone a lot u know? but u are unique in your own way.. so nice to be friend with you.. tapi kadang-kadang penat jugak melayan kerenah die ni.. haha.. next is ezza radzwil.. so blur lah this girl..senang sangat kene ‘buli’ dengan aku..perasan cute lak tu..eww ( -___-” ) tapi u still the best weyh.. nothing much to talk about you actually.. haha.. no offence please.. it is just to me action is more valuable than words.. so, kalau aku cam caring - caring skit pasal korang.. just faham-faham la ye.. itu pun kalau korang baca entry ni.. but if u guys understand without reading this thats mean u guys are totally the best the greatest and the gempaks one lah! sayang korang actually..seriously..haha.. tra!

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